Need an Item Packed and Shipped in Vancouver? Then Come to Postal Connections!

We will pack and ship your item, no matter what it is, to anywhere in the world.

Our Vancouver pack and ship services include:


When we ship food care packages and/or baked treats, we:

  • Put the food in a box close in size to the container it’s in.
  • Tape the cold pack underneath.
  • Tape all of the seams to keep cool air in and hot air out.
  • Use Mylar covered bubble wrap to line the box.
  • Keep the product at the center of the container, if possible.
  • Make sure the product is shipped cool.
  • Place perishable and fragile stickers on the package.

Dead air is a great insulator and Styrofoam peanuts can also be used to maintain separation within the box. We will take care of all of this packing for you so the food specialty gets to its destination ready to enjoy!

Fragile Gifts

Fragile gifts receive the same kind of TLC that food does, whether it’s glass, jewelry or a collectible, Postal Connections will secure it for you.

Do It Yourself

Select from high-quality materials packaging materials and take advantage of our well-trained staff and 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stock a full complement of shipping cartons, tape, envelopes, and shipping materials.

International Shipping

If you’re shipping internationally from Vancouver please visit Postal Connections.

We perform not only the logistics but handle the forms process for you which means you don’t have to do it. Think of us when you’re shipping to a military member, family or friend overseas.