Digital Mailbox Rental

Digital Mailbox Rental in Vancouver.

Postal Connections offers traditional private mailbox rentals but we also offer the newest mailbox rental technology in Vancouver, Digital Mailboxes.

Along with many communications, mailboxes are going digital just like texting, email and instant messaging. This digital platform allows you to manage your mail and packages from your smart device or computer from anywhere in the world without touching a box or envelope at all!

When you rent a digital mailbox from Postal Connections, you receive a street address in Vancouver, WA where all letters and packages will go. Once the item is in the box, you decide by using the online app, what to do with it.

Available Digital Mailbox Services:

  • Scan the envelope so you can see who sent it
  • Open, scan and remotely read the contents
  • Forward the mail and packages you want to keep
  • Shred the mail you don’t need
  • And much more!

Mange your snail mail using your computer, smart phone, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection. Whether you live in Rome, Italy or Rome, Texas, you have a digital mailbox at Postal Connections. Now, managing your mail and packages is as simple as sending a text or posting on Facebook.

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